Tree Repair, Barrie, ON

The storms we have here in Barrie can be bad enough to necessitate tree repair by an experienced arborist

Tree Repair in Barrie, Ontario

When storms rage, bringing heavy rainfall and high winds, you may notice the impact on your property. Storms can cause significant damage to your landscaping, especially to the trees and their root systems if the winds are strong enough. You may not experience windstorms and rainfall that completely knock your trees down, but the storms we have here in Barrie, Ontario can still be bad enough to necessitate tree repair by an experienced arborist.

Trees take many years to reach maturity, and mature trees come with a number of benefits. Beautiful trees can add value to your property and provide shade for relaxation outdoors. When trees finally reach their maturity, it’s very frustrating for a property owner to have them removed due to storm damage. Instead of throwing in the towel with a damaged tree, give us a call at Wes’ Tree Service. We provide tree repair services that can restore your landscaping to its previous condition, before the storm ravaged your property.

One of the best options we have for tree repair is adding structural reinforcements that will keep the tree upright and provide extra support for the root system. Many trees can heal themselves after they have been damaged, but they typically need some extra help before that can happen. During the tree repair process, we will also assess the condition of all branches and remove any that have been destroyed beyond repair. Contact us at Wes’ Tree Service to schedule a consultation for tree repair at your property, no matter what has caused the damage.

At Wes’ Tree Service, we offer tree repair services in Barrie, Innisfil, Muskoka County, and Simcoe County, Ontario.