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Let us be the arborist you turn to for healthy, vibrant trees for years to come.

Arborist | Wes' Tree Service
Do you care about the exterior appearance of your property?  If you don’t, you should.  When people first approach your home or business, the first thing that greets them if your front yard.  Based upon the appearance of the yard, they make a judgement call about you, your business, your attention to detail and quality and any number of other assumptions, which, once formed, are difficult to change.  One of the most important aspects of your property’s exterior is your landscaping, including the state of the trees in your yard.  If you want the trees in your yard to be healthy, well-taken care of and enhance the appearance of your property, you need the services of our arborist.

Our arborist can assist you in maintaining the health and appearance of the trees in your yard.  Once we’ve taken the time to check over your trees and provide you with a report on how they are doing, we will also provide you with the information you need on how to best care for your trees.  When it comes to trees, we know that each type of tree is different and has different needs for optimal growth.  We are skilled, knowledgeable and experienced in caring for all different types of trees and can assist you in your efforts to take good care of the ones on your property.

When you are in need of a qualified, professional arborist, contact us at Wes’ Tree Service today.  Let us be the arborist you turn to for healthy, vibrant trees for years to come.


At Wes’ Tree Service, our arborists proudly serve Barrie, InnisfilMuskoka County, and Simcoe County, Ontario.