Tree Repair, Simcoe & Muskoka, ON

With our tree repair services, we can often salvage your tree and nurse it back to health.

Tree Repair
There are times in Simcoe & Muskoka County, Ontario that storms rage through and wreak havoc on your landscape, particularly your trees. While not often are they severe enough to completely fell a tree, they can cause quite a bit of damage from time to time. At Wes’ Tree Service, we hate to see you lose a tree that has taken many years to reach maturity. With our tree repair services, which are part of our emergency storm response services, we can often salvage your tree and nurse it back to health.

One of the ways we perform tree repair is by doing structural reinforcement. This gives the tree some extra support until the roots can reset themselves. Trees are truly amazing in their ability to heal themselves if given a bit of help to do so. We can also remove any branches that are too damaged to survive, so the tree can put all its energy into healing its core instead of spending it on a mangled limb.

Our staff includes both arboriculture graduates and certified arborists who have a passion for preserving trees. We will go above and beyond with tree repair, so you do not have to start over again with a sapling. If another tree company is telling you that your tree cannot be saved, give us a call for a second opinion before you have it removed. We only use removal as a last resort. If we cannot save it with our tree repair services, then nobody can!

At Wes’ Tree Service, we offer tree repair services in Barrie, Innisfil, Muskoka, and Simcoe County, Ontario.