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Arborist, Simcoe County, ON

We believe that trees are an important part of the health of your landscape.

Arborist in Simcoe County, ON

Caring for your lawn often includes the usual tasks like weeding flower beds and mowing the grass. What you may have a more difficult time caring for is your trees, which can be a beautiful addition to your landscape, but also difficult to care for in the right ways.

At Wes’ Tree Service, we believe that you should have expert care when it comes to maintaining and managing your trees throughout the year in Simcoe County. That’s why you’ll find an arborist available to assist you whether you need tree damage cleanup, tree revitalization, or tree removal at your home or business. Since your trees are some of the first things people see when they arrive at your property, having an arborist help you maintain your trees is a great way to ensure their health and beauty all year long.

An arborist cares about trees in all of their many stages of growth and during the aging process. At Wes’ Tree Service, we are committed to preserving and protecting your trees first before taking any action to remove a tree from your property. We believe that trees are an important part of the health and beautification of your landscape and offer long-term enjoyment for everyone.

If you have questions about your established trees or would like help from an arborist with planting and maintenance in Simcoe County, Ontario, contact us at Wes’ Tree Service today. We look forward to providing the residential and commercial tree care services that make your property look its best.

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