Arborist, Barrie, ON

You can always rely our professional arborists when you contact us for tree service in Barrie.

Arborist in Barrie, Ontario

When you’re looking for a skilled professional to handle the care and maintenance of the trees on your property, you should always rely on an arborist. An arborist has the technical competence to properly care for trees, shrubs, and other wooded plants. If you’ve never hired an arborist before, you may not know when you need the services of this type of professional. Typically, arborists are responsible for evaluating the condition and health of trees and plants, recommending options for proper care and performing the pruning, disease and insect control, and fertilization to improve the health and life of trees.

Here in the Barrie, Ontario area, you can always rely our professional arborists at Wes’ Tree Service. When you contact us for tree service, we’ll start by assessing the health of your landscaping and coming up with a plan of attack. If you have areas of concern, such as broken branches, signs of disease, or trees that fail to thrive, we can bring the tools needed to take care of these issues and help restore the health of your trees.

Your arborist will also develop a plan for proper ongoing maintenance, including a pruning schedule that works for each individual tree. Certain types of trees should be pruned during specific seasons, so we’ll make sure all tree care tasks are handled properly and won’t put undue stress on your landscaping.  Contact us today to discuss the process of tree care with an arborist and schedule a consultation for your landscaping.


At Wes’ Tree Service, our arborists proudly serve Barrie, Muskoka County, and Simcoe County, Ontario.