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Tree Preservation, Simcoe County, ON

Let us help you keep your tree with our tree preservation services.

Tree Preservation in Simcoe County, OntarioTrees need careful care in order to grow up correctly. Without the right bracing techniques or disease prevention at the right time, you could end up with issues that will affect the tree later on down the road. If you have discovered that a tree on your Simcoe County, Ontario property is leaning consistently to one side or has other serious issues that affect the integrity of the trunk and its branches, it’s time to call our team here at Wes’ Tree Service to learn about our tree preservation services.

Tree preservation does exactly like the name implies — it attempts to preserve the tree! Oftentimes, a tree will try to protect itself by compensating for a weakness, but this can end up causing problems as well. Whether you have found a pocket of rot that was once part of tree disease, noticed that your tree leans to one side, have an issue with multiple weak, large branches or your tree is growing multiple trunks, these are all examples of trees that are in need of tree preservation.

When you have Wes’ Tree Service come to your property for tree preservation services, we will carefully analyze the tree to determine what is happening to your tree and the steps we will need to take moving forward if we are going to be able to preserve your tree. With braces, removal of weak branches and maintaining the structural integrity of the tree, we are often able to save trees that wouldn’t be able to be preserved on their own.

To learn more about the tree preservation process, please give us a call today.

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