Turn to a Professional Arborist for the Best in Tree Care

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Many people may not consider how to care for and maintain trees on their property, as trees are often seen as strong, everlasting structures. However, trees deserve care and attention to help them grow properly and prevent disease. Keeping trees healthy can keep your home and family safe, as weak, diseased, or damaged trees can pose a threat if they were to drop branches or topple over.

Turn to a Professional Arborist for the Best in Tree Care

To take the best care of your trees, it is best to call in a professional arborist. An arborist is someone who specializes in the care of trees. They are experts in the science behind how trees function and work to keep trees healthy. If you are noticing issues with your trees, an arborist can:

  • Examine the condition of your trees
  • Diagnose diseases in your trees
  • Give their recommendations for how to make your trees healthy again, or advise if they are past the point of saving
  • Offer their expertise in how to plant, maintain, and care for your trees in the best way possible
  • Prune your trees
  • Perform regular tree maintenance
  • Remove trees safely if there is no option to save them

At Wes’ Tree Service Inc., we offer professional arborist services in the Simcoe County, Ontario area. We know the value and importance of trees and will work to help you keep your trees safe and healthy. Our team is dedicated to providing our clients with knowledgeable information about how to properly care for trees and the specific needs of different types of trees. Our goal is to promote the long-term health and preservation of trees, and we view removal as a last resort.

If you are looking for the best arborist in Simcoe County, reach out to us! We offer comprehensive tree services to keep your trees healthy and your family and property safe. Give us a call today with any questions or to schedule with our team. We look forward to preserving and protecting the beautiful trees on your property for many years to come.