Do You Really Need Stump Removal?

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Do You Really Need Stump Removal?Here at Wes’ Tree Service Inc., we know just about everything there is to know about trees, their care, and their removal. When a tree needs to be removed in order to protect your structure, we are also happy to provide stump removal services. In our experience, many people aren’t sure what the best way to deal with tree stumps is–should you leave them be, or grind them, or have them completely removed? In this article, our team will go over some of the reasons why we recommend stump removal as opposed to grinding or leaving it in place.

  • Trip Hazard. One reason to enlist stump removal services after having a tree removed is that tree stumps can act as serious trip hazards, making your landscape less safe for people to walk around in and enjoy. In addition, intact tree stumps make it more difficult to mow your lawn, as rolling your mower over the roots could damage the mechanism.
  • Landscaping Limitations. Another reason to go with stump removal rather than merely leave the stump where it is or grind it up is that these last two options will limit your future landscaping possibilities. If you leave the stump in place, you won’t be able to plant a new tree there. Even grinding up the stump itself won’t remove the root system underneath, which will make it difficult for new saplings to establish a foothold.
  • Termite Risk. Lastly, decaying tree stumps are an attractive home for termites, so it’s best to finish a tree removal with a full stump removal. Our team will get rid of the stump and its root system to ensure that termites have little to attract them to your property.