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stump removal for an existing tree or stump
When you have a dead, dying or tree that needs removal for another reason, it can be tempting to cut it down and leave the process at that. Here at Wes’ Tree Service, we often help people with trees that need to be removed and leave the stumps at the request of the owners. However, if you are currently struggling with a tree that needs to be removed, we think that you might want to opt for stump removal around the same time of the tree removal for a few reasons. Let’s discuss what some of those might be.

Aesthetically, stump removal is a more attractive choice than just leaving a stump on a property, even if it is more out of the way. A tree stump is not going to go away or shrink in size without intervention. Instead, it will most likely just stay there in all its glory until professionals like ours come to assist you with stump removal. Instead of marring your landscape, choose stump removal sooner rather than later.

Stump removal is also better in terms of maneuverability around your property. When you have a tree, it makes sense that you need to work your landscaping around it, but when you have a stump, it mostly is an object that is just in the way of your landscaping equipment and children who would rather play on a stump-free lawn!

Finally, stumps are great sources of food for wood insects like ants, beetles and termites. Even if they aren’t in your home, you don’t want them to migrate over to the wood keeping your house up. Removing the stump prevents insects from using it as a home.

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