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Tree removal isn’t something that is easy for arborists like ours

Tree removal isn’t something that is easy for arborists like ours at Wes’ Tree Service! We prefer to keep all trees healthy, viable and in their place for as long as possible. However, we understand that there are many instances in which tree removal isn’t just desirable to a property owner, but is necessary. If you are looking at trees on your property, we have a few ways to help you decide whether or not a specific tree or trees need to go.

  • Dead Trees. When you have dead trees on your property, they most likely need to go. Dead trees can still be dangerous even alone in a field. The issue with dead trees is that they carry a lot of risk in those dead branches! You never know if a dead tree is going to come down in a major storm, from a light breeze or fall all on its own.
  • Uncomfortably Close. Trees grow, obviously, but it can be hard to imagine just how much when you plant them. That small sapling you planted 10 or so years ago might be uncomfortably close now to your house or garage or sidewalk and is now causing damage. These trees might also need to be subject to tree removal.
  • In the Way. If you purchase a property with the intent to build, you can sometimes work around existing trees, but there are also times where the most logical build happens to be where trees are located. If you feel bad about this, there are times when trees can be transplanted or you can plant new trees on other areas of your property.