Tree Planting Tips for You to Use at Home

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If you want to add a tree to your home for its beauty or great shade and fresh air, here are some tree planting tips for you so you can get started! First, you should find the perfect spot. The place where you plan on planting the tree should have well-drained soil. If the soil is not well drained, you put it at risk of drowning from all the water.

Tree Planting Tips for You to Use at Home

As a general rule, water should absorb at a rate of about 1 inch per hour. So, you can check if the soil is well drained by digging a hole 10 inches deep and filling it with water. Then after 10 hours, check on it to see if it still has water inside. If you still see water, then it is not a good spot to plant a tree. If all the water has absorbed into the soil, you are good to go.

When you are ready to unpot and plant the tree, be very careful removing it from the pot. Make sure that the roots are not broken and have not started drying out. Also make sure they have not started to circle up. If they have, make sure that you carefully unwind them before planting, or they will keep winding up, get tangled, and then die. Once you place the tree in the hole, tap it down to get rid of any air pockets that may be in the ground. Add mulch around it and then water it appropriately (depending on what type of tree you are planting).

These are just a few tree planting tips for you to get started. Feel free to contact us at Wes’ Tree Service if want any more tree planting tips.