Tree Care Tips to Help Keep Your Trees Green

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Taking care of plants generally seems easy. All they need is water, sunlight, and dirt, right? While this is not entirely wrong, it takes more than just those things. Here are a few tree care tips that some people do not know about:

  • How to properly prune trees
  • How to determine if your tree is sick
  • Which trees work best for your home

Tree Care Tips to Help Keep Your Trees Green

When it comes to pruning trees, you must make sure not to do it when the trees are healthy. It could slow their growth if you prune the healthy parts. The pruned areas will need time to heal and then after, they can continue to grow. Pruning a tree when it has dead or broken limbs would be the best time to do it. This can also prevent those limbs from falling and damaging your roof or car, or hurting you.

Another tree care tip for you is that they also need to be planted in the right places. Finding the perfect spot for a tree may seem perfect for you, but for your tree, it may be setting it up for failure. You can tell when a tree is sick when the limbs look low or dying. Another way you can tell is if the leaves have holes or are turning into strange colors. Mushrooms around the bottom of the tree can also be a sign of something going on with your tree.

Trees are delicate and need proper care. If you see some signs of your tree starting to get sick, call us so that we can come and take care of your tree. Give us a call if you want any more tree care tips or need an arborist to come help a tree that may be sick.