How to Identify Tree Diseases

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Like people, trees also can get sick and need the proper treatment and care to get healthy again. Some signs you can use to identify tree diseases are:

  • Dead or dying branches hanging low

How to Identify Tree Diseases

  • Lack of bark
  • Little to no leaves
  • Leaves with dark or strange coloring

These are just a few ways to identify tree diseases. Sick trees may put you and your home at risk. If dead or dying branches are not pruned in time, they may break or fall off and hurt someone or something. Your house could be hit with a fallen branch or the tree itself.

Dark or strange-colored leaves can be signs of a fungal infection, leaf rust, or another problem. The diseased tree may also spread what it has to other trees around your home, which is why immediate care should be given to it. Things that make trees get sick easily are insects, mites, bad soil, weeds, fungi, and even animals that eat the bark off them, causing them to weaken.

Call us so we can come and check out your tree. We can identify which tree disease it has and make sure we get it the proper care and treatment it needs before it gets worse. Our arborists have the right tools and knowledge of how to get them back in top shape. Feel free to call us if you have any questions or concerns if you identify tree diseases in your trees at home.