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you want your tree branch removal to look professional

It doesn’t always take a professional to see when a tree needs trimming or branches have died and need removal. You might also need tree branch removal for other reasons, such as growth into a neighbour’s property lines or into power lines. Here at Wes’ Tree Service, we want to make sure that you “leaf” the tree branch removal process to pros like ours for several reasons, but here are just four of them for you to consider.

  1. Working with trees involves working at great heights and with tools that saw, chip, cut and chop, often all at the same time. Tree branch removal is dangerous work, and it doesn’t take much for an average person who doesn’t know the risks that might be hiding within their tree to be injured or to fall.
  2. Professionals who are skilled in tree branch removal know where to cut, at what angle, with what tool, and how to make sure that the branches don’t hit anything or anyone on the way down. Professionals have honed these skills until they are experts in making the process safe and effective.
  3. We use a lot of tools for tree branch removal that many property owners don’t have just lying around in their garage. These tools make short work of the job and also enable professionals like us to do the job more efficiently and safely.
  4. Tree branch removal done by an amateur or homeowner is almost always obvious. If you want your tree branch removal to look professional, clean and neat, then you need a professional to complete the job.

Please, the next time you need tree branch removal, “leaf” the job to the professionals like ours at Wes’ Tree Service.