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Massive Oak Removal

This massive Oak tree was on the original property of Sir William Pierce Howland (Thorncrest Village, Etobicoke), one of Canada’s father’s of confederation, as the local folk lure has it, the entire sub-division was built on what was once Sir William’s farm. He loved Oak trees and planted them on all the fence rows. Unfortunately this 185 year-old Oak developed a massive cavity and 1/3 of canopy failed in wind storm crushing two fences and a neighbour’s pool. The only safe way to remove this rotten tree was to utilize a crane to suspend a climber and pick down pieces. Unfortunately this Oak was located in the back corner of the property so we had to remove two trees and dismantle a fence to gain access.

As the tree was being dismantled, we found numerous cavities that seemed to act as a condo complex for multiple families of raccoons. The raccoons were given space to retreat and relocate themselves, none of them were hurt in the removal of the tree.